Certified Mental Health Coaches who Specialize in the Motherhood Journey

We use a holistic coaching approach, providing tools to address emotions, encourage behavior change, and improve your mindset.

Our Coaches Have...

Certification in maternal mental health

Years of experience with coaching, peer support, or birth work

Expert oversight and support from licensed psychologists

Created for Moms by a Psychologist Mom

Our founder completed her PhD at UCLA, the #1 psychology program in the United States. She published over 40 papers in academic journals. She knows what it means to provide outstanding mental health support.


We understand that you don't have time to waste on something that doesn't work.


Dr. Niles and her co-founder, Dr. Sarah Stanger, created the Prospera hiring and certification process to ensure you receive the highest quality care from exceptional, caring, knowledgable providers who truly understand motherhood.

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Andrea Niles, PhD

Clinical Psychologist & Founder

Does a Prospera Work?

Prospera clients reduce their anxiety and depression by 50% in less than three months 


We analyzed the data from over 300 people who started the Prospera program. On average, clients went from having moderately severe symptoms to mild symptoms in less than 3 months. 


What does this mean? The data prove it. Prospera works!

Begin your journey to better mental health in less than 1 minute

No leaving voicemails and waiting days or weeks for a callback. No long intakes. And no waitlists.


To hone in on what you need and discover whether Prospera is the right fit for you, book your free consult today.

The four steps to getting started with Prospera, which is an alternative to postpartum therapy). The four steps are: schedule a phone consult, choose your coach, weekly coaching sessions, learn copy skills for postpartum depression and anxiety.

We can’t wait to help you be the best mom and your best self – more effective, more stable, and more grounded in everything you do