Remove all barriers to moms accessing the highest quality mental health support


Remove all barriers to moms accessing the highest quality mental health support

Our Team


Dr. Andrea Niles

Founder & CEO

Dr. Andrea Niles received her PhD in clinical psychology from UCLA, the #1 program in the United States. She has studied women’s health and treatments for anxiety and depression for 17 years.


She is passionate about making effective treatments for perinatal mental health disorders widely accessible and affordable for every mom who needs them.


Andrea’s credentials include research, teaching, digital interventions, and clinical expertise.


  • UCLA PhD, Clinical Psychology & Quantitative Methods
  • University of Washington, Clinical Internship
  • SFVA Medical Center, Advanced Women’s Health Postdoctoral Fellow
  • National & International awards and recognition
  • 40+ peer reviewed publications in academic journals
  • Invited speaker at national and international conferences
  • Ad Hoc Reviewer for dozens of academic journals

Dr. Sarah Stanger is a clinical and developmental psychologist and perinatal and parenting expert with over 10 years of experience working with mothers and children in research and clinical contexts. Her passion is delivering evidence-based treatments into the hands of families who need them.


Dr. Stanger also has extensive expertise in clinical training and supervision, and she oversees Prospera’s clinical programming and coaching team. Dr. Stanger holds an academic appointment at University of Vermont.


Dr. Sarah Stanger

Co-Founder & Chief Science Officer


Emily Burge

Head of Clinical Operations

Emily Burge graduated from St. Ambrose University with a Bachelor's degree in psychology. Emily has served as a steadfast presence in the medical field in clinical operations over the past decade with a goal of consistently prioritizing the happiness, well-being, and success of clients.


Emily strives to ensure clients benefit from top-notch support and tailored assistance. Her dedication originates from a genuine passion to witness clients successfully achieve their goals.


Emily's personal touch is apparent in her pledge to treat clients with the same care and attention she extends to her own family, making their well-being a daily priority.

Our Story

Our founding team has been in the mental health field for 17 years. We have worked as scientists, therapists, patient advocates and educators, and we have been frustrated by the problems that plague mental health care.


So many patients are unable to find high quality, evidence-based, affordable mental health care. It shouldn’t be that way. Effective behavioral therapies exist, but they are not available to the majority of people who need them.


Our team is on a mission to solve the existing problems in mental health care for a group of people who desperately need fast, easy access to care that works - moms. Medication is not and should not be the only option.


We are moms of young children with deep expertise in behavioral therapies for anxiety, depression, rage, birth trauma, intrusive thoughts and much more. Having experienced some of these issues ourselves, we faced the same roadblocks that so many moms face when seeking care.


We wanted to build a company that stood out from the rest - a company firmly rooted in the tenets of science, that uses innovations in technology and gold-standard interventions to remove barriers that block access to the best available mental health care, and most importantly, that always puts the client first.


There are very few mental health companies founded by therapists. And even fewer founded by women. Now moms? Basically zero. The result? Existing companies don’t understand the needs of moms, and their care reflects that. Expensive therapists who just don’t get it.


The services we provide at Prospera are exactly what we would want for ourselves and our loved ones. Care that seems too good to be true. And we are making it available for every mother who wants or needs it.

Our Values


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