A woman experiences birth trauma

All About Birth Trauma and Birth Trauma Therapy Options

If your birth experience didn’t go the way you planned, you might wonder whether you had birth trauma – but what does that mean? Learn more about birth trauma and birth trauma therapy in this post.

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A woman struggles with postpartum rage

Yes, Postpartum Rage is a Thing: Signs, Symptoms & Treatment

If you’ve ever blown up at your partner over something you later realize is a pretty small deal, you might wonder: is postpartum rage a thing? We’ve all heard of postpartum depression, and many of us have even wondered if we have it, but surely anger is a wildly different emotion from sadness, right?

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A woman struggles with postpartum intrusive thoughts

When Postpartum Intrusive Thoughts Take Over

It’s no secret that the postpartum period is tough: the sleep deprivation, the feeding schedule, the trying-to-keep-this-delicate-creature-alive. But nobody talks about the intrusive thoughts that make it all the harder.

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A little boy holds his mother's hand as she parents through generational trauma

Parenting With Generational Trauma

When we first become parents, we all go through a whirlwind of fantasies and plans for the future. We talk to our partners about our values, figure out what kind of parents we want to be, set out the traditions we want to start with our kids… it’s all fairy tales and dreams. But generational trauma can ruin all that.

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Postpartum woman struggles with body image

How to Manage Postpartum Body Image Issues 

Between recovering from giving birth, feeding your baby, and adjusting to new parenthood, your postpartum body image is likely nonexistent for a while. During the whirlwind of those first weeks and months after your baby arrives on the scene, it can be all too easy to forget you even have a body – you clothe yourself for warmth and function, shower as an act of desperation, and rarely look in the mirror.

But all too soon, you begin to notice your body again. How different it feels; how it doesn’t fit in your old clothes; how little it belongs to you now that it’s created and birthed another person… It’s a lot to deal with, and it’s understandable if you just want to live in oversized sweats and avoid your reflection for as long as possible.

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Sad woman with postpartum depression looks out window

Postpartum Depression: Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment

We hear a lot about postpartum depression (PPD) when we first embark on the journey to motherhood, but knowing that it exists is different from understanding it and knowing what to look out for. Your healthcare provider will screen you for PPD during pregnancy and right after birth, but in those times between appointments it’s best to have all the information, so you can seek help right away if you need to.

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Fingers search for 'therapists near me' as a person figures out how to find a therapist

How to Find a Therapist (Without Losing Your Mind in the Process)

Finding a therapist might seem simple at first – after all, we’ve all got access to Google, right? But the truth is that there’s more to how to find a therapist than just searching ‘therapists in [your city]’ and clicking through Yelp or Google reviews.

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A woman wonders what CBT is

What Is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

If you’ve read anything about mental wellness in recent years, you’ve probably seen mention of cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, but what is cognitive behavioral therapy? Is it just workbooks to track your mood, or a form of positive thinking, or does it go deeper than that? Let’s define CBT,

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