Inspiring Mamas Series: Julie of Fab Working Mom Life

This month, we are shining a spotlight on some incredible women who have made a significant impact on the lives of mothers around the globe. Welcome to “Inspiring Mamas,” a blog series dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the inspiring mom bloggers whose words, experiences, and insights have resonated with millions.

Motherhood is a journey that transcends borders, cultures, and backgrounds. In this series, we will dive into the stories of influential mom bloggers who have not only embraced the challenges of parenthood but have also shared their triumphs, struggles, and wisdom with an ever-growing community of readers. These women have become beacons of support, guidance, and inspiration for mothers navigating the beautiful, chaotic, and transformative journey of raising children.

Each blog post in this series will feature a remarkable mom blogger, delving into their personal narratives, the topics that resonate with their audience, and the positive impact they’ve had on the lives of countless mothers. From parenting advice and lifestyle tips to mental health advocacy and self-care strategies, these bloggers cover a vast array of subjects that speak to the diverse experiences of motherhood.

Today we are highlighting Julie, the author of the wildly popular blog – Fab Working Mom Life. Fab Working Mom Life is a family lifestyle blog chronicling the author’s journey as a first-time working mom, sharing the challenges and joys of balancing parenting, work, and personal passions. Offering support, honest conversations, and practical tips, the blog is a go-to resource for working moms seeking a community that understands the intricacies of juggling family, responsibilities, and self-care.

What led you to found Fab Working Mom Life? What was going on in your life at the time that set the stage for you to start the blog?

I started Fab Working Mom Life in January 2016, in the middle of my most difficult time as a new working mom. My fussy baby was becoming a toddler tornado, and my husband was away on active duty. I was already previously blogging just for the fun of it, and when I became pregnant I started devouring mom blogs. So when I needed the most help is when I started blogging to share my journey and help connect with others facing similar struggles.

When you started Fab Working Mom Life, did you imagine you would achieve the success that you have? What do you think made your blog resonate with so many people?

I think everyone defines blog success differently but to me if I can reach and resonate with people and feel that we understand each other’s situation and hardships, then that’s a win. I’ve not gone viral or achieved the kind of success that full-time blog/biz owners do, but this was more of a creative outlet for me. As a very introverted type 9 but people pleaser, I struggle to make connections but I want to make those connections with others. Sometimes motherhood feels so isolating. But connecting with others who understand and who I can help motivate or even share solidarity feels amazing. I think it helps to be authentic and share from the heart, and people connect with that.

How do you maintain the motivation to continue creating content on top of everything else you’re doing?

I have certainly reduced how much content I create between working full-time in corporate, raising a family, and moving around as we do being a military family. But I have bursts of interest or energy here and there where I might put together a lot to share. The motivation really comes from my readers or followers – every genuine comment and response is motivating to keep sharing and making those connections.

What’s your favorite thing about running Fab Working Mom Life?

The best part is organizing my thoughts and experiences into a fun post that others can enjoy. Especially if it can help someone in their mom /work/ life /juggle.

If you had one piece of advice for moms trying to juggle career and motherhood, what would it be?

Systems and routines are your friend! The more you can gather into a system and routine that you follow, the less overwhelmed you will feel. Reduce that mental load wherever possible with plans, checklists, systems and whatever works for you. Automate so you don’t have to rethink each action that recurs.

About Julie

Julie S is a mom with a career who started a blog and Instagram to connect with fellow moms. Fab Working Mom Life is a family lifestyle blog where I write about being a first-time working mom in order to help myself and other working moms in our journey to find a balance between our family, responsibilities, and hobbies. I do this because we moms need a support network to thrive both at home and at work.

I’m a recovering people pleaser. Outside my 9-5 and the blog on the side, I’m a mom and military spouse. Who else has 4 jobs? I love to curl up with my cat and a book.

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