Postpartum therapy shouldn't be hard to find

The only nationwide mental health program designed just for moms - for a fraction of the cost of traditional postpartum therapy.


Our maternal mental health coaches teach you coping skills designed for postpartum.

A mom holding her baby and looking for postpartum therapy options.

Motherhood isn't all snuggles and rainbows

For many of us, motherhood is not what we expected. The overwhelm, the exhaustion, and the nagging feeling that we are not doing enough.


If you're suffering with any of the problems below, trust us - you're not alone.

Launched Nov 2022, already trusted by 800+ moms

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Prospera Mental Health & Wellness

Tired of therapists who don't get motherhood and don't give you actionable strategies to feel better?

Yeah, us too. That's why Prospera's mental health coaching program was created as an alternative to postpartum therapy.


Just for moms. By a psychologist mom. Using the best available science.

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What does Prospera offer?

Maternal mental health coaches

Weekly 1-on-1 video sessions

Actionable tools for pregnancy and postpartum anxiety, depression, and rage

Affordable and no waitlist

How does Prospera compare to postpartum therapy?

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100% of Prospera clients say:

Quote saying "My coach is as good as or better than postpartum therapists I've had in the past"
Photos of four Prospera maternal mental health coaches. Coaching is an alternative to postpartum therapy.

All coaches have:

Degrees in psychology from top universities

Maternal mental health certification by licensed therapists

Ongoing oversight by our mental health team

Expertise in tools specifically for moms

Created for moms by a psychologist mom

Because it’s impossible to truly understand motherhood unless you’ve been through it

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Dr. Andrea Niles is on a mission to make mental health accessible for ALL moms.


She completed her PhD at UCLA, the #1 psychology program in the United States. She published over 40 papers in academic journals. She knows what it means to provide outstanding mental health care.


We understand that you don't have time to waste on something that doesn't work.


Prospera is an alternative to postpartum therapy that actually works, and for a fraction of the cost.

What's the difference between Prospera and postpartum therapy?

Checklist showing the difference between postpartum therapy and Prospera. Prospera has weekly coaching sessions, is focused on moms, and guarantees CBT. Therapy has weekly sessions and can include a diagnosis and treatment where coaching cannot.

Prospera mental health coaches help you learn coping tools designed for motherhood.


You won't just be talking. You'll leave each session with a plan for what to work on to reach your goals.


We don't diagnose or treat mental illnesses. But we can help you reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression, rage, intrusive thoughts and more.

Does a Prospera coach have enough experience to help me?

Get this. The number of years a therapist has been practicing is unrelated to therapy outcomes


In a study of hundreds of therapists and thousands of clients, there was no relationship between therapy outcomes and therapist years of experience. Especially when the therapist was using cognitive behavioral therapy!

Image showing the results of a meta analysis of the association between therapist years of experience and therapy outcomes. The result is no relationship.

Meta-analysis of the effect of therapist experience on outcomes, Walsh et al., 2020

Prospera clients reduce their anxiety and depression by 50% in less than three months 


We analyzed the data from over 300 people who started the Prospera program. On average, clients went from having moderately severe symptoms to mild symptoms in less than 3 months. 


What does this mean? The data prove it. Prospera works!

How it works

Meet with your coach weekly. Between sessions, practice new skills with our interactive digital tools library.

Reduce your anxiety and depression with the

Maternal Mental Health Package

Weekly one-on-one zoom sessions with your coach

Dozens of tools and interactive worksheets to help you reduce anxiety and depression and build confidence

Science-backed, personalized care plan to help you feel better and reach your goals fast

Personalized member's only page with your weekly care plan and upcoming appointments

$156 $38 Two Week Trial


$38 first two weeks, then $156 per month

Begin your journey to better mental health in less than 1 minute

No leaving voicemails and waiting days or weeks for a callback. No long intakes. And no waitlists.


To discover whether Prospera is the right fit for you, book your free consult today.

The four steps to getting started with Prospera, which is an alternative to postpartum therapy). The four steps are: schedule a phone consult, choose your coach, weekly coaching sessions, learn copy skills for postpartum depression and anxiety.

We can’t wait to help you be the best mom and your best self – more effective, more stable, and more grounded in everything you do